1966-1968 Ampeg AEB-1 Bass

1966-1968 Ampeg AEB-1 Bass

The Ampeg AEB-1 was the company’s first attempt at a traditional “horizontal” bass of their own design and was produced for a mere 2 years (1966-1968).

This one features a Maple neck, unique body with 2 F-holes, “Scroll” headstock and Ampeg’s “Mystery Pickup” placed inside the body underneath the bridge. 

This AEB-1 is in great condition for its age showing minimal signs of play wear, we believe the neck has been stripped to bare wood and then coated.

  • Maple neck
  • “Scroll” Headstock
  • 20 fret Rosewood fingerboard
  • Unique body with F-holes
  • Ampeg “Mystery Pickup”
  • Comes with Case

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