Silvertone Electric Guitar 1960 Model 57 1458L


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Silvertone Electric Guitar 1960 Model 57 1458L (1960 Sears Wish Book only)

  • Body:  Hollow Maple Laminate
  • Neck:  Maple Neck
  • Pickups/Hardware:  Two single coils, three way pick up selector switch, independent tone and volume controls
  • Good Condition
  • Black
  • “The Kay-built 1458 guitar enjoys similar looks to the Harmony-made 1423 ‘Jupiter’ (which it sometimes is mistaken for), but as a ‘Wish Book’-only guitar, it sold far fewer and is much rarer.  The 1458 from Kay,  was based on the ‘Value Leader’ series, and only offered in the 1960 and 1961 Sears Wish Book. “*   This information is from Silvertone World.

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