Music Nomad Equipment Care Premium Guitar Care System


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Music Nomad Equipment Care Premium Guitar Care System

The Five Piece Care Pak includes:

  1.  The Guitar One – The first one step answer to effortlessly achieving a show perfect shine.  A perfect everyday solution to Clean, Polish and Protect in ONE easy step.  Smells amazing.  Nitro & poly lacquer safe, streak-free, organically formulated with gloss enhancers.  Eco-friendly bottle.  4 fl oz/120ml
  2. Pro Strength Guitar Polish – It’s like a face lift in a bottle.  Our silicone & wax free cream polish restores and revives dull, hazy, scratched and scuffed finishes.  Our proprietary formulation removes oxidation from hardware (pickups, frets) as well.  Nitro & poly lacquer safe.  Eco-friendly bottle 4 fl oz/ 120ml.
  3. Fretboard F-ONE Oil – F-ONE gives wood its life back.  We use a complex mixture of 100% natural, ultra refined oils to clean, condition, restore & protect all unfinished fretboards.  It leaves your fretboard looking new & never sticky or tacky.  Eco-friendly bottle.  2 fl oz/6-ml
  4. Guitar Detailing Towel – Specifically designed to work with The Guitar One and Guitar Polish.  Our super soft, microfiber towel safely cleans and polishes all surfaces.  Non-linting, machine washable & innovative stitch free edging design.  12″ x 16″
  5. Microfiber Suede Cloth – Specifically designed to work with our Fret F-ONE Oil.  Containing 90,000 microfibers per square inch, our lint free, stitch free edging is perfect for cleaning, conditioning and protecting your fretboard.  Put a small amount of F-ONE on this cloth and make your fretboard look new again.  12″ x 16″

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